How To Explode Your Mailing List With Key List building Strategies

No matter how good your product is or how much you have to offer, it wont be of much use unless you have in front of you a ready group of people who are already interested in your stream of business. Whether you are a novice in the internet business or a pro, one thing you cannot survive without in this industry is a good mailing list.

When I tried my hand at internet business a couple of years ago, my first product was an ebook. I tried everything in my power to make it a good product. The content was comprehensive, the banners were theme-related and everything, from the text to the tables included was done by me with precision.

The next step came of marketing the product. I wrote several articles about my subject and posted them in various article directories, contacted joint-venture partners and searched for affiliate programs. Even then in the end, I did not make as much profit of it as I could have made.

What went wrong? The answer is that time I did not have a mailing list as such with me. I did not have a group of interested people to whom I could introduce my products to and that’s where the importance of having a good mailing list comes in. Let us run through some basic yet key advantages of having a mailing list, which every internet business owner swears by.

Your mailing list is your instant profit ticket, provided you have developed a good relation with them by giving them good targeted information every time. Whenever you want to launch your new product, you already have potential customers in the form of your list to which you can introduce your product and get instant sales.

Also when you regularly write to your subscribers, you develop a trust in them, which is very important because only when they trust you will they be willing to give you their hard earned money to gain valuable information. And to maintain this trust it is very important for us as internet business owners to provide our list with genuine and useful information. Ask yourself the question, would you buy this product? If the answer is yes, then most probably the answer will be yes for your list too.

Now let us look at some good ways of building your targeted list.

There is a concept called ad-swapping. It’s very simple. What you do is find other ezine producers who are promoting a similar product to yours, and approach them. You strike a deal with them where in you put their ezine ad in your newsletter and they put your ezine ad in theirs. That way you both get instant bulk subscribers and that too targeted ones. In case you don’t have any subscribers to start with, you can offer your product to an ezine publisher in return for advertising your ezine in his newsletter.

One very easy way of getting targeted traffic is to promote your ezine in ezine directories. Just submit your ezine in one the ezine directories with an impressive description of your ezine.

Another very sure of way of increasing your list is by submitting articles related to your product in article directories. Remember that it is not advertising. You need to put in useful and informative extracts about your subject, form it into a good article and post it in various article directories. Over time many people who are interested in the subject will read your article, and if the information is useful, they will click on your link in the resource box to know more about it and that’s when you can tell them to sign up to your newsletter.

You can also create a blog about your product and place your opt in form on it. You might need to market your blog first so as to drive traffic to it.

One of the ways, which has helped me a lot in gaining a good number of subscribers, is participating in a Give-Away Event. All it is, is a group of internet marketers participate in this event. They each offer a free gift on a website and in order for people to get the free gift, they need to join their email list. It’s a very simple way by which you can gain a huge amount of opt-ins to your list. You have to keep a lookout for these events. Sign up to some good newsletters, and the owner will inform you if there is any give-away event that you can participate in.

These are just a few ways in which you can steadily increase the amount of people in your list and thereby progress in the number of sales you are making.

List Building – Giving Away Free Stuff

We’ve all hear about, read about or even been subjected to some of the amazing ‘free’ offers on the web. You know the kind where they offer an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean – all you have to do is click the link. You can get caught in an endless maze of offers and promises. In the end you click away from the site because you realize you rarely get anything for free and this tactic requires recruiting and an ultimate purchase from someone – and then the endless stream of emails begin to arrive.

This tactic has had an amazing impact on list building. Netrepreneurs have found thousands of unsuspecting subscribers through the use of this tactic.

While we may not like the offer of a free lunch that really carries a significant price tag, there is a way for the average online business to use free gifts to build their lists.

For instance, if you have an online potpourri shop you could provide a form your customers can fill out to receive a free sample of one of your potpourri scents. In this scenario they provide their name as well as a physical and email address.

If you make sure the ‘FREE’ section indicates there is no cost or obligation you will likely receive several requests for whatever free product sample you are offering and you have added names to your list in a way that may be more cost effective than other means.

This same concept is being used effectively when customers wish to access exclusive information. If you can provide a compelling body of information in the form of a report of ebook you might make it available to site membership. The proviso would be that the membership is free. Many will sign up for the information and assist you in your list building objectives.

The same concept can be applied to downloads of specific site only information, screensavers, video and audio. Each of these signups can further your ability to grow your list for additional marketing strategies.

In spite of the fact that consumers have been burned by ‘free’ gifts there are still many who are willing to see if there really are free gifts to be had. When you can prove that there really is value in exchange for their contact information they may find a level of trust that has them coming back for more.

The client always wants to know his or her needs are being taken seriously, be sure to treat those customers with the respect they deserve. The results may amaze and astound.

Enhancing The List Building Skills

List building is not the most popular task for online business professionals, but it is considered to be a top priority in any strategic internet marketing arsenal. Online business owners who seek increased web site traffic understand the responsibility of building and maintaining a list that is dedicated to loyal customers and visitors. Knowing the intricacies of list building could produce a massive slate of paying customers who have been primed to enthusiastically purchase your product. The numerous recommendations for list building, which come from the top marketers in the industry, have fallen on deaf ears in some cases and these inexperienced marketers are made to suffer with their consequences. Building a sizable list can take several different channels and some are quite simple. In fact, list building can become a pleasurable chore under the best of circumstances and it is not necessarily a time consuming venture either.

The scrupulous list builder sometimes considers the option to buy targeted traffic. Google Adwords, combined with an opt-in web page, is a popular choice for some marketers. It is generally considered to be one of the quickest options for those who desire to build a list that is target-rich and readily accessible.

A similar method that online marketers may use is not only quick and easy, but is very expensive. Online brokers may be utilized to build an email list that can bring guaranteed web site traffic. However, there can be some challenges in using such a service. Keep in mind that some competitors will employ the same service and these lists will be targeted by their campaigns too. In essence, your targeted list is not an exclusive property that is used only by you. If you can reach an exclusive agreement with the broker, then it could be worth the effort.

List building is generally considered to be a task that is not enticing. In fact, some online marketers shun this important tool for online businesses. Seeking increased web site traffic should be the goal of every online professional and list building is an essential element of marketing arena. In an upcoming article, we will explore the less expensive alternatives to list building.


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